Elevator Modernization, Installation and Upgrade Services

Improve the safety, comfort, code compliance and efficiency of your vertical transportation system with our elevator modernization and upgrade services.  

An elevator upgrade can add value to your building and ultimately save you money.  Newer equipment, fixtures and parts are typically safer, more energy-efficient and less expensive to repair than their more antiquated counterparts.

Whether you want to modify the aesthetics of a cab or need an entire new elevator installation, our mechanics will a design cost-effective solution.   Most of the time clients who currently have an elevator do not require a completely new installation.  We can work with your existing equipment and upgrade your elevator so that it performs better, uses less energy and is more comfortable and attractive.

An elevator modernization project can include upgrades to:
  • Cabs
  • Controls
  • Mechanics
  • Jacks and cylinders
  • Door systems
We also can also modernize your elevator in order to comply with New York/New Jersey State codes and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Call us today at (718) 389-1234 for a free estimate, consultation and more information about our elevator modernization, installation and upgrade services.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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